Natacha Oceane CUT Review: Worth it or Waste?

Fitness YouTuber and Instagrammer Natacha Oceane recently released her CUT 2.0 guides just as I finished up the first CUT. From her resistance bands to clothing line and training guide, Oceane seems to know her stuff. But is CUT really worth the extra bucks?

About CUT

CUT is one of now four training guides Natacha Oceane has released. The main focus of the program is long lasting, sustainable fat-loss.

Oceane is a former Iron Man competitor and has been an athlete all of her life. She stresses the importance of mental and physical wellness and nutrition.

Oceane created CUT alongside Performance Dietitian Renee McGregor. You purchase and use CUT through an application called AFLETE where you access the guide in its entirety, track your progress, and see videos for each exercise.

Currently the guide is selling for around ~$59.99, £41.99, or ~€47.99.

Stress Less

One of my favorite aspects of the guide was that I no longer had to stress every four to six weeks about creating a new workout program. Each week I had easily accessible, effective workouts.

Another aspect that reduced some tension was the fact that I could access videos for each of the moves. So if you feel uncertain about any particular exercise, simply watch the corresponding video of Natacha walking you through it.

Lastly you have the option to do the workouts in whatever order you like. For instance if you have less time for the gym one day you can schedule the shorter HIIT workouts for that day.

Just Challenging Enough

This guide is the perfect challenge for fitness aficionados and newbies alike. There’s a combination of plyometrics, weight lifting, bodyweight, and cardio exercises so no matter your preference this guide has something for you.

For the more challenging moves Natacha also includes progression movements. For example if you can’t yet do a pull-up unassisted, you can use resistance bands or a box to help you out until you get there.

You can also adjust weights, rest periods, and resistance to make the work out more or less challenging.

Easy Access & Tracking

The AFLETE app makes the whole process even easier by allowing you to check off each move and workout as you complete it. For each exercise it also has a notes section and an option to record the weight used. Additionally, a timer is located in the upper half of the app to track the length of your workouts and timed moves.

Natacha Oceane CUT

Healthy Message

In the nutrition guide that comes with CUT Natache and McGregor address the importance of approaching nutrition holistically. They detail the signs and danger of eating disorders and over-exercise.

Regardless of the fact this program is meant for shedding body fat, Oceane instills the message that it’s not about physical changes but about mental ones. This guide delivers confidence in  what your body can do, not how it looks.

Variety is The Spice of Life

Now for the few cons regarding CUT. While each of the workouts are technically unique, once you hit week four or five you see the same moves recycled over and over again.

Realistically, this is probably good so that you can improve on those exercises, but still I like a bit more variety.

Limited Equipment

A lot of the moves require a squat rack and unfortunately they’re limited at my gym. It would not go over well if I tried to hog a squat rack for 20 plus minutes.

Many times I found myself having to use dumbbells instead of barbells but it didn’t hinder my progress much at all.


Finally, these workouts are very time consuming. Other than the HIIT workouts I spent an average of an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes on each workout not including warm up or cool down.

You definitely cannot rush through these workouts as the moves require adequate rest between. So make sure you allocate a big enough time period to get it all done.

So Is it Worth It?

Definitely! I never grew tired of the workouts in the guide. Plus, for $60 you get two and a half months worth of training and the guide is good for life. The nutrition PDF is also very helpful and outlines basic information to make the most of your training.

I would recommend this guide to just about anyone, but if you are a beginner know that you will have to modify some of the moves. Don’t get discouraged though, you’ll find you’re much stronger than you probably think and this guide is the perfect place to get you started!

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