Pinching Pennies with Plants: Vegan Grocery Shopping Hacks

vegan grocery shopping hacks

One of the several excuses people give in order to avoid going plant-based is the cost. However some of the cheapest items on the grocery store shelves are plant-based. Use these vegan grocery shopping tips, tricks, and hacks for getting your grocery bill to the lowest it has ever been.

Avoid Processed

The increasingly-convincing mock meats, yogurts, and other synthetic vegan products are undoubtedly delicious. However they’re usually anything but cheap.

One of the first mistakes I see people make when switching to a plant-based diet is swapping animal products for synthetic counterparts. Rather than switching out ground beef for frozen plant-based crumbles, try out some mashed beans, tofu, or seitan.

Vegan Grocery Shopping

Accessorize Dry Goods 

Items such as oatmeal, beans, and pastas are insanely cheap. Base your meals around these items and then dress them up with spices, sauces, and/or fruits and veggies to create a deliciously frugal meal.

For example, add peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon to oats or mash your chickpeas with some red onion, apples, and spices to create a mock-tuna salad sandwich.

Plan Ahead

Nothing guarantees overspending like aimlessly wandering the aisles. Plan your meals ahead and shop accordingly. If you don’t like doing that then at least plan some items to prep in bulk such as sheet pan vegetables, a few grains, and a protein source or two. Then, throughout the week, combine these as desired with different sauces and spices.

Vegan Grocery Shopping

Check Out Sales

There’s always a sale happening somewhere. Check online and see if any local grocery stores are having sales on items. Then base your meals around these items for the ultimate price-hack.

Apps like Ibotta even give you money back for purchasing certain items.

Buy in Bulk

Once you get in the groove of shopping on a plant-based diet, you can begin buying in bulk. This is especially helpful for the dry goods mentioned above. These items are much cheaper in bulk and will last for a long time. If there’s a sale on perishable items, you can always freeze them and save for later!

Put bread in the freezer and toast as needed or buy fruit in bulk and freeze it for nice cream and smoothies.

Cheap Recipes

These websites host tons of cheap recipes you can base your meal-prep and grocery shopping around or just use for inspiration. Happy shopping!

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