Non-Vegan & Vegan Social Media Influencers Must Act Responsibly

vegan social media influencers

From Rawvana to Raw Alignment to Bonny Rebecca if you’re vegan or involved in the YouTube community you’ve probably heard these names. You’ve also probably heard about their recent deviations from veganism. From water fasts to all types of cleanses promoting such lifestyles is dangerous for everyone involved.

Everyone is Unique, Everyone Makes Mistakes

Before I get into this, I want to make a disclaimer. I’m extending no judgement towards anyone for the diet they follow.

Additionally, I fully recognize the fact that people make mistakes and their character shouldn’t be eternally written off based upon these slip-ups.

The main issues I have with the aforementioned individuals and others involved in this borderline “movement” is the way in which they have used their platforms. Their intentions may not have been injurious, but their lack of precaution created such circumstances.

Responsible Influencers

Influencers hold weight in all types of industries. Regardless of where these individuals gather their following, they must recognize the power of their actions and act accordingly.

This is especially pertinent in any account involving any facet of wellness such as diet or exercise.

The accounts I mentioned above unfortunately gained much of their following through the promotion of unfounded diets and detoxes. They sang the praises of juice cleanses, unrealistic raw diets (these can possibly be beneficial if done correctly), eating one meal a day, and even month-long water fasts.

While some of these practices may be of help the extremely ill, suffering from chronic diseases, the average individual will grow extremely nutrient deficient from such diets.

Promoting Disorder

Again, I doubt these individuals shared their lifestyles with ill-will. However the consequences remain the same.

Most of these accounts followers consist largely of adolescent girls. The unfortunate reality we must consider is that girls of this age often struggle with body-image issues.

So often these vulnerable young women look at the Instagram or Youtube accounts of an influencer and desire to emulate physically or otherwise. So, if this account shares the likes of water fasts and “what-I-eat-in-a-days” consisting only of fruit, they will follow suit.

These are not only the practices and seeds of deeply disordered eating, but the causation of the rampant nutrient deficiencies that these same influencers are now turning to animal products to combat.

It Only Makes Sense, Don’t Blame Veganism

Again, what else would you expect from eating a single meal a day or water fasts other than illness? You cannot blame veganism for your lack of research and blatant disregard for the needs of the human body.

Time and time again, it has been proven that veganism is healthy for individuals of all lifestyles and ages. However, this only works if done correctly.

“Correctly” means eating a plethora of diverse plant-based foods. This includes legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and more.

Your body still has the need for the three main macronutrients as it always has and will. It needs food. It needs nutrition.

Reliable Sources

Amongst the not-so-responsible YouTubers and Insta-famous vegans are many well-informed accounts. Here are some of my favorites that I’d recommend to anyone, vegan or not:

Mic the Vegan:

Simnett Nutrition:

Healthy Crazy Cool:

Maddie Lymburner:

Pick Up Limes:

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