Please, Stay Home When You’re Sick

stay home when you're sick

I battled the flu last week and it was nasty. Last weekend, I drank at least 80 ounces of water a day, went through two tissue boxes, and slept for about 15 hours a day; I can happily tell you that I feel way better than I felt at the beginning of the week.

As a college student, it’s really no surprise that I picked up the flu considering the fact that I spend eight hours of my day in a classroom with 35 people all breathing, coughing, sneezing, and touching things. Germs spread, and they spread easily in college.

I am someone who likes to go to class and feels very guilty when I don’t. I’m sure several of my peers also feel this way, but when you’re contagious, you get a pass, at least in my mind. Coming to class sick not only puts yourself at risk, but others as well. So please, stay home when you’re sick.

When you come to class sick, you’re not helping yourself at all, physically or academically. You need rest and fluids in order to heal, and when you’re in class, you’re clearly not resting. Coming to class sick actually can increase your stress levels, affecting your immunity negatively. Academically, your grades and concentration could suffer, because when you’re sick, you tend to waste time fixing mistakes or playing catch up because your brain is cooking from a fever. Overall, coming to class sick has the potential to worsen your illness or take longer to heal it.

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Aside from making yourself worse off, you’re also making others worse off due to your contagious nature. It’s incredibly likely that your sickness could spread to others. I will personally take notes for you if you tell me you’re not feeling well; I’d rather help you while you rest instead of you coming in and getting me sick (which already happened). When the whole school gets sick, it takes time to get the sickness out, and you even risk getting sick again.

If you absolutely must come to class, make sure you practice good hygiene. Wash your hands, blow your nose into tissues and not sleeves, and don’t get too close to anyone. Also, don’t take anything that could make you groggy or prone to accidents, especially if you have to drive.

Please, just stay home when you’re sick. While you might think that you absolutely can’t miss school, you really can and should if you’re contagious. Staying home gives you the opportunity to rest and get better. Staying home also makes it so you can’t spread your sickness to fellow coworkers or students (and they’ll thank you for this).

stay home when you're sick