TEDxTeen: Chantelle Brown-Young Teaches Us To Find Beauty In Everything

chantelle brown-young

“Beauty is in everything.” This comes from Chantelle Brown-Young, a young woman born with the skin condition vitiligo. As she explains in her TEDxTeen talk, after facing years of bullying and even becoming the bully herself, she realized that her skin condition is what makes her who she is, and it is beautiful. She owns it. Through her struggle feeling alienated and different, she learned to find beauty in everything around her.

Her message is important because it teaches us to stop and take in both our surroundings and the people around us, and relish in beauty that exists in our world. For more positive self-talk, check out these words of wisdom from  Metiza girl Bella Tindall.

My Story Is Painted On My Body | Chantelle Brown-Young

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Cover image via TEDxTeen

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