The Skin You’re In

A few little secrets I’ve learned that will hopefully help calm down this annoying situation called acne.

It’s dry, it’s itchy, it can be oily, it’s a pain in the butt. Yeah, your skin. And the added bonus we all call acne. The emotional fall out it causes it is a whole other story, but have you ever thought you could be causing your own acne? Or at least making it worse? Some people are more prone to breakouts than others and some people just don’t suffer at all (lucky?). Either way, acne still exists, and there are tiny little things that you can do every day that increase your odds of a breakout without even realizing it.

Aside from using your usual acne products, like Murad’s acne clearing starter kit, here are a few little secrets I’ve learned that are easy to add to your daily skin care routine. They that will hopefully help calm down this annoying situation called acne!

1. Hands off!
Okay throughout the day you probably touch your face a lot. Like wiping your eyes, scratching your nose, etc. Well, your hands have lots of germs on them along with extra oils. When you touch your face, you are literally putting all that gross zit and blackhead breading stuff where you don’t want it. Try touching your face a little less or only when necessary. Also, if you do touch your face make sure your hands are squeaky clean!

2. Put your hair back
Yes, your hair can make your acne worse. Like your hands, your hair has oils in it. So although you may have flawless hair, if it’s in your face constantly you are setting another base for acne to spread. Either tie your hair up or make sure whatever cute style you’re wearing is off your skin.

3. Change your pillow cases often
You don’t wear the same clothes every day right? But your face is on that pillow every night. Imagine. Try satin or very high thread count cotton linens. Satin or high count cotton is gentle and smooth. So for a good night sleep for not only you, but your skin as well, try these options.

4. Drink up!
Water is so important to having good skin. As humans our body needs water. Our bodies are already about 70 percent water. Dehydration can cause many health issues. Water leads to nice, healthy, and hydrated skin. The more water you drink the better your skin stays hydrated and soft. Bonus: water can even help fatigue, alertness and weight control.

5. “You are what you eat”
This anecdote is somewhat true. If you’re eating a lot of oily foods or any food that’s not gentle on your body systems, you can increase the odds of acne too. If your body doesn’t like a certain type of food it will have some sort of reaction. Healthy input, healthy output. In this case your skin. See Allie’s article for more great healthy eating suggestions.

6. Don’t pick at it
Tempting as it might be, don’t do it! See a licensed esthetician or dermatologist if it becomes a situation you can’t bear. Some phenomenal professionals are out there that understand what you are going through. Take care of yourself, love yourself enough to reach out and get a pro-tip or two. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and there are so many possible ways to make it better! Make sure you’re being gentle and taking extra care of yourself!