Get Grimy at the Gym? This Girl Can

this girl can

Okay, ladies. Let’s have some real talk: when I work out, I am sweaty and jiggly. My gym shirts have armpit stains, and if you were to smell my socks after a workout…you might need immediate medical attention. I know, I know….I’m fabulous.

I work out, and I work out hard. I’m not ashamed of that. Sure, I sweat, smell, and just generally look pretty icky – but looking glam is not my purpose. I was an intense athlete growing up, so being “gross” after or during a workout has never been an issue for me – I’m just used to it.

But, as I got older, I was so surprised to find that one of the reasons some women wouldn’t exercise is because they were afraid of looking “gross” at the gym. Whether it be sweaty, stinky, jiggly, or disheveled – they were embarrassed.

That’s why I am simply in love with this video. This Girl Can is a campaign from Sport England, targeted at taking the fear out of working out and getting more women involved in sports/exercise.

Take a look and get moving!!