Vegan Speeches Everyone Should Watch

Vegan Speeches Everyone Should Watch

Nothing gets a point across quite like a viral-video lecture. From trained doctors to vegan activists, these are some of the best vegan speeches the web has to offer.

Earthling Ed: You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again

  • This speech gave me that final push to finally go completely vegan. Without any blood or gore and simply just logic and fact, Earthling Ed articulates rationale behind veganism.

Gary Yourofsky: The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear

  • While Yourofsky’s approach is far more graphic, it’s just, if not more, effective. He isn’t afraid to call out anyone and everyone regarding the ethical-hypocrisy behind consuming animals as well as the environmental and health-implications. Yourofsky’s sarcasm and wit provides an extremely inspiring and convincing argument. Warning: this video does contain graphic content.

James Wildman: 100 Reasons to Go Vegan

  • In a similar vein to the previous speech, Wildman expresses every argument for veganism and against the consumption of animal products. This presentation also contains graphic content, but I encourage you to watch regardless. If you don’t want to see where your food comes from, should you be eating it in the first place?

James Aspey: The Most Inspiring Speech You Will Ever Hear

  • Using his own health-scare, James Aspey outlines the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Today he is a full-time activist and works independently and alongside organizations such as Anonymous for the Voiceless

Michael Greger: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

  • Dr. Greger is a leading voice within the health and plant-based communities. Here he outlines exactly how plant-based nutrition is the key to preventing the major killers in the United States.

These are only a few of the inspiring educators and activists who have gone-viral online. There are so many others out there both YouTube-sensations and activist newbies alike. I encourage you to do your own research alongside these individuals and, most importantly, go vegan!

Cover image via Earthling Ed

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