Why Kayla Itsines Should Still Be Your #Fitspo

Kayla Itsines

Since the beginning of her career, Kayla Itsines said her main goal was to help women. Now, with over 11 million Instagram followers and one of the leading fitness apps of today, she does just that on an international level.

The Story Behind the Star

Itsines has been passionate about fitness her entire life. Initially, she dreamed of becoming a physical education teacher, following in the footsteps of her parents, but that changed quickly once she began personal training.

It all began when she started uploading before-and-after pictures of her clients. Soon enough, her Instagram page gained hundreds and hundreds of followers. Today, Itsines boasts over 11 million followers.

Kayla’s desire to help each and every one of her fans grew alongside the increased interest. Receiving thousands of inquiries a day, she eventually decided to make an eBook that would be accessible to everyone.

Demand increased further and Itsines’s boyfriend, Tobi Pearce joined as the technological brains behind the operation. Pierce even founded his own digital marketing agency, Pearce and Co, which now operates all of Kayla’s and Sweat’s social media.

Bikini Body Guide 

We’ve all most likely encountered the #BBG movement on Instagram. Itsines’s Bikini Body Guides began her meteoric rise.

The two #BBG guides contain 28-minute circuit workouts. Each workout has two circuits of four moves that your perform for seven minutes, two times. Simple right?

And, the best part is, you only have to work out three days a week. Yep, three. Each week hosts an upper body, lower body, and ab/full body session. Then two days of either low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio or high intensity interval training (HIIT).

LISS is a low-impact cardio of your choice such as walking, biking, or hiking for 35-40 minutes. HIIT involved 15-20 minutes of high impact intervals such as 15-30 seconds of sprinting and 30-45 seconds of recovery.

Regarding the unfortunate title of the series, Bikini Body Guide, Itsines has expressed that is doesn’t pertain to a certain physical shape that’s worth of a bikini. Rather, the guides give you bikini body confidence.

Today, Itsines has expanded her empire in creating one of the most popular fitness apps on the market, Sweat.


While the #BBG guides are available for a one-time only purchase on her website, Itsines now operates a subscription-based service as well.

Sweat is a one-stop shop for workout guides, tracking, progress photos, and eating plans. Video demonstrations accompany each move as well.

For $19.99 per month or a discounted $119.94 per year, you gain access to eight different workout guides: BBG, BBG Stronger, PWR, PWR at Home, Post-Pregnancy, BAM, Fierce, and Build. Read more about each guide here.

A Larger Message

Out of all of the Insta-famous fitness stars (and, trust me, there’s a ton) Itsines is one of the best. She’s down-to-earth, transparent with her own journey and struggles, and genuinely supportive of all of her followers.

The BBG movement inspires women from all walks of life to pursue health for themselves. Itsines outlines how simple and enjoyable fitness can be. She’s created a community of millions to cheer you on during your own journey.

Recently, Itsines and Pearce welcomed their first child, Arna, into the world. From day one Itsines took us along her pregnancy, and now post-partum journey. She’s now posting her post-pregnancy routines as well as the drastic physical changes she’s facing.

After buying the BBG guides two years ago, they completely changed my outlook on fitness. Always being active playing soccer, I was never particularly interested in working out.

I bought the guides seeking consistency and an outlet, but they provided me with so much more.

Currently, I lift, run, play soccer, go for walks, do BBG here and there, and just love moving my body. A place I never thought I’d be.

The guides made me love fitness and changed my body, mindset, and health for the better.


Join the Community

I highly recommend giving these guides a shot. Use this free 4-week sample program from Women’s Health to get started.

You can purchase the BBG guides here or subscribe to the application here.

Involve yourself within the community as well for endless support and follow Kayla Itsines’s Instagram for motivation.

Cover image via Instagram