Women’s Safety Gadgets: The More You Know

In the ideal world, women wouldn’t have to worry about their safety as much as we currently do, but new technologies can at least bring us a bit more peace of mind.


  • This bracelet lasts up to a year with no charging required. It’s a one time purchase and will be replaced for free each year. By pressing the button on the bracelet once you’ll receive a fake phone call, if you hold down the button you’l’ receive a call from one of the contacts you’ve programmed within the app.

Women's Safety


  • Another fashionable safety accessory, Siren holds a “unbearably loud alarm that can be activated in less than two seconds.” To activate the ring you twist the top 60 degrees to the left until it locks and then the alarm will sound in one and a half seconds.



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  • This date-rape drug test works in over 100 drinks and gives you results in just 30 seconds. You simply put your finger into the drink and place a drop onto the foil. One line means your drink has been drugged, two means its clean.

Women's Safety


  • An easily downloadable app, bSafe has tons of features to ensure your safety. Such as the SOS button which notifies those you have identified as guardians to your location and also records audio and video. You can even activate the button through your voice. You can also share your location, check in when you’ve arrived safely, get fake phone calls, and set up a timer alarm that will alert your guardians if you haven’t arrived to a destination in a certain amount of time.


  • A simple device that can clip onto clothing, bags, or accessories, Athena pairs with the ROAR app that allows you to let contacts know where you are, where you’re going, and allows for both discreet and audible activation.



  • With all sorts of different designs, SmartWatcher watches call for help through the press of a button. It connects to smartwatches, smartphones, and other platforms and allows you to program contacts as well.

Women's Safety


  • The SAFER device can be used as jewelry and is sold in three shades. You can receive calls, share your location, send emergency alerts, and track physical activity.

Women's Safety

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