Workin’ On Your Fitness

African American girl running for fitness

Does anyone else struggle motivating when it comes to their fitness? I know it’s healthy for both mind and body, but I often find that it’s the first thing to get cut out of a busy schedule. There’s work, school, friends, etc. that always seem to get in the way. Sometimes prioritizing your fitness just isn’t fun either – some days it even feel like a chore. But, don’t get discouraged! Here are a few things that everyone can do to improve their daily fitness:

Dress for success
If you’re fitness goal is body image related, why not look strong and hot as a fox while working out? Plus, workout outfits can be totally cute! I always feel my best when I know I look my best – so fun, comfortable, empowering clothing is a must when hitting he gym! Here are few outfit game-changers:

Yellow Medium Impact Fitness BraForever21
Medium Impart- Sports Bra
Active Seamless Workout Tank
Active Seamless Workout Tank

Active Colorblock Capri Legging

Active Colorblock Leggings

Puma Burst Running Shoe

Nordstrom Rack
PUMA Burst Running Shoe

Make it short and sweet
Not everyone has time for a super long workout, which is OK. Just doing a 5 minute fitness routine can still have benefits! I mean, a short workout is better than no workout. Also, try to get organized, having a plan or fitness schedule can really help. Once you’re on a schedule it will be easier for you to stick with! After doing that for a couple of weeks, you’ll form a healthy fitness habit that will make working out regularly easier. Here are a few of my favorite 5-10 minute power workout videos:

5 Minute Yoga with Brett Larkin
Yoga can help your stress level too!

Beyonce’s Official ‘Let’s Move’ Intro Workout
I mean, how could you blow off a Beyonce inspired workout?

Switch things up
I for one get bored doing the same thing over and over. Eventually, I just lose interest and stop altogether. That’s why it’s always a good thing to switch up your fitness routine. For example, try changing up the venue. Instead of always working out in the gym or yoga studio, try going outside or in a place with lots of space that you don’t normally focus on your fitness. Trying out a new running trail has always worked for me. It’s all about variety!

Get your friends involved
Having a workout buddy always makes working on your fitness more fun. It also makes them go by faster! We all need a little extra push sometimes, so having a friend help you out is both social and motivating. You can also join a group, there are many gyms and other memberships out there to try, plus new friends! The most important part is making it fun. You are working out for your own health so make sure your fitness routine reflects that!